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Welcome to Hunt/Fish/Play! When I say avid beginners, I mean it. I got the idea to do some writing about my greenhorn adventures in the last quarter of my first deer season in 2012.  Between then and now, I have hunted for duck, goose, turkey, and deer; bowfished for carp, gar, and bowfin; trolled for salmon, and ice fished.  I now have my second season for everything under my belt, and am looking forward to a third. I cook duck, goose, venison, and bluegill with glee. We’ve also hauled a classic boat out of a ditch in the country, towed it 37 precarious miles home, gutted it, and built it back up from the hull. But let’s back up a second.

I live in Madison, Wisconsin.  We hunt and fish on public land, often competing for space with other anglers and hunters. We also both work, so our hobbies are competing for our time on weeknights and weekends.


We do the outdoors thing. We do a lot of it in and around a decent-sized city. I want to write about it. We get outdoors, we’re active, and we do most of this within an hour of town, in our rare spare time. We make the most of it.

7 thoughts on “About The Blog

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    • Thank you! we’ve dabbled in coyote hunting. The closest we’ve come though, is hearing them in the distance while hunting and camping. Just last night, however, we were way up north, and a large pack of them were out by my boyfriend’s stand, calling and howling up a storm.

  2. congrats, amber!
    i thought you might like to be awarded the versatile blogger award.
    i’ve had fun reading your blog over the past few months, so i thought i would throw a little recognition your way. the rules of the award are posted at the link below. it is totally up to you whether or not you want
    to participate.


    keep up the awesome work, and have fun with the award!

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