The Epic of the Ditchboat Continues

Matt got new tires on the trailer yesterday, and last night we put the rest of the lower unit on. Today was the day.We routed ourselves to the nearest boat launch with more than two lanes (it is Memorial Day weekend, and everyone in this town boats), and with the fewest tight turns. This meant the Warner Park boat launch, on the north end of Lake Mendota. Every route there, you have to pass under train tracks. The 10’6″ underpass was the cause for the clenching of more than just teeth.


Beautiful day for it.

Beautiful day for it.

20150522_120350 20150522_114205 20150522_114217

From inside the boat

From inside the boat

And she floats! Quite well, I might add. Water did come in the lower unit, from where the water uptake for cooling would be, if the engine were in place. A quick run of the secondary bilge pump took care of that problem. We also took this opportunity to straighten her out on the trailer, but not before the wind cause her to drift nearly sideways. Luckily, we kept the nose hooked to the winch.

Tomorrow, Matt takes her up north to get the engine installed.

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