Various, Sundry, Etc.

So I’ve been remiss in posting lately. Reticent, reluctant, reclusive. Turkey season has even come and gone with nary a peep. So what’s up?

Well, neither Matt nor I bagged a bird this year (again). I did get an invite to hunt a farm on my last day, and I got closer than ever- I called in some turkeys. But they stayed frustratingly out of range for about 45 minutes before disappearing back over the fence from whence they came.

Additionally, Nyrkki the yellow lab pup has started some preliminary training before we send him off to retriever training. Right now it’s basic obedience mixed in with very most beginning retriever work. So far, he’s shown excellent instinct with bumpers, as well as zero fear of gun sounds. The trainer is out west of town, and we go on Wednesday nights to a few different hunt clubs.

Odd man out.

Odd man out.

As you can see in the photo above, it’s suddenly for-real Spring here in Wisconsin. We had a fake out of nice weather for about a week and a half in March where just about everyone got really excited and then really let down. That has meant chipping away at the Ditch Boat some more. The transom mount plate has been ordered and installed, along with its gasket, and they’re all sealed in. The engine is good to go, and being dropped in within the next 3 weeks. We’ll be painting the top of it next week.



And then on top of all that, we’ve managed to wedge in one weekend up north to plant food plots- that’s happening this weekend. Otherwise, we’ve both been busy. My work is slowly picking up speed, and Matt’s never stopped. It may have, in fact, gotten worse (oh, recruiting duty sucks ┬áparent/married or no)(onemoreyearonemoreyearonemoreyear). That, plus my classes wrapping up, trying to plan my summer courseload, and literally every part of wedding and honeymoon planning means my plate is pretty full (when isn’t it?).

3 thoughts on “Various, Sundry, Etc.

  1. Sorry to hear no turkey this year… I have been sick most of our turkey season and my husband has not even seen a turkey. Well I am glad to hear that everything is doing fine I kinda missed hearing from you and was wondering what was up. Until next time happy hunting and fishing! Jolynn

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