Urban Sugaring + Taxidermy News

With the way Matt’s work is going lately, we had to find something close to home to do this past weekend. And this time, we took that very literally.

So far, it seems like we will not be having a repeat of last year’s exceptionally cold, long Winter morphing into a very short, cold Spring. Last weekend was damn cold- single digits and teens; but the weather seems to have taken a cue from the calendar. Saturday it warmed up to almost-50F, our first day over freezing since this year’s weird, warm December.

Day time times above freezing, with night time temps freezing or below is sugar weather.

20150308_142502 20150308_142508 20150308_142802 20150308_143215 20150308_143225

We have two very old, very large silver maples in our front yard. Since our neighborhood was built as a subdivision, the developer back in the 50s planted at least one in every front yard on the block. They’re large enough that we can put three taps per tree. We were originally hoping to make it up north to get the sugar maples up by the cabin, as well as maybe some of the birches, but recruiting duty is a cruel mistress. This weather is supposed to hold through this week at the very latest, though, and our silvers are big trees.

Our local Farm and Fleet had kits for sale, but sold out before we could get any. So we improvised- a length of 1/2 inch diameter copper pipe cut into 2 inch sections, a pipe cutter, and some galvanized steel feed buckets. We went for materials the sap would not interact with. We plan to put the sap into some food-grade 5 gallon buckets until we can begin boiling it down.

In other news, this came in the mail over the weekend:



Matt will be picking up his bear mount later on today. I hope we have space on the wall. It’s a 3/4 mount, and we have fairly low ceilings.



2 thoughts on “Urban Sugaring + Taxidermy News

  1. What were you going to do with the birch? Can you get syrup from them? If I ever move where you are, I am going to be a syrup making machine! I can’t wait to follow your syrup adventures.

    • Yeah, birch syrup is apparently A Thing in Scandinavian cuisine, as well as in some Slavic cuisine. From what I’ve read, it’s less sweet than maple syrup, with a complex, almost savory profile. I’m guessing maybe akin to molasses being sweet-and-savory? We’d be more machine-like if Matt’s work ever allowed for, you know, time off. There’s sugar maples and hard maples all over the land the cabin is on, and it’s utterly lousy with birches where the land was clear cut. We’d need way more buckets and copper pipe.

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