I Can Explain.

Facebook, of all things, has been really pestering me lately about updating the blog. Today they even sent me an email. Trouble is, I don’t have anything to post.

I’ve cut myself off from anymore soup or chili making for the time being. I have probably two gallons of stock in the freezer. About half is venison, the other half is chicken made from leftover roasted bones. I have a decent chunk of that bear chili¬†vacuum sealed and frozen. I’ve also got about three other soups/stews/chilis frozen in bags, and most of them are more than two servings. I need to pare that stuff down before I make anything else. So, no recipes for a minute.

Probably the biggest drag, though, is Matt’s work. January was pretty much written off- they were struggling all month to meet their quota, and by mid-month, it was obvious they’d failed mission. So he was in the office about 15 hours a day during the week, and at least 5 hours a day both Saturday and Sunday for most of the month. Failing mission one month means making up the shortage the next, on top of that month’s mission. So that meant finding February’s 5 recruits, plus two extras leftover from January. During the worst time of the year for recruiters- Jan-Feb-March-April. Most kids have gotten college acceptance letters, or are planning out what to do post-high school, and it’s not really practical to talk to this year’s or next year’s juniors yet.

He had a scheduled inspection in January, which is always stressful. He has another one coming up in March that will be linked to whether or not he actually gets the promotion in rank coming to him this year. All this on top of the fact that last summer, his entire office turned over at once, which was why last Summer and Fall we didn’t get to do very much, either. The one guy left that’s been there a while has got a serious case of whatever the Marines call senioritis at the end of a particular duty.

So, it’s sucked sort of all round. At one point in early 2013, we were hoping he only had about two years left out here, but at the end of last year, that morphed into at least another two from then. Most Marines stay on recruiting duty 2-3 years. Matt’s been on it for 4 and counting, but he is a special case. This at least gives me the chance to actually get graduated from UW-Madison without another transfer or commuting, though, and maybe pare down some of our belongings prior to moving. First to Milwaukee, then who knows where (we’re really hoping California).

My work’s been fairly decent, with one big private event just about every week, and I seem to have taken on the responsibility of doing inventory, so between that and classes, I at least have had a little bit to keep me busy. So what have we done?

Well, we got out fishing once a little over a week ago. We drove up to Devil’s Lake again. The ice wasn’t thick enough to drive the truck on, so we dragged the sled until I got the bright idea to make our dogs pull it. They thought it was a great game, because dogs. We didn’t catch anything, though I did see a two guys with a couple kids who caught two very, very nice trout.

Matt's hugging Nyrkki the lab pup in this picture. Janus the pit mix is being very stoic.

Matt’s hugging Nyrkki the lab pup in this picture. Janus the pit mix is being very stoic.

We’ve been looking for a trainer for the pup for a bit now, with middling success. In addition to prices creeping up, a lot of places are now suggesting retriever training be 4 months instead of 3, which strikes me as a bit of a ploy. We also drew turkey tags, but that’s not much of a surprise.

This is mine, Matt's is the week before.

This is mine, Matt’s is the week before.

Besides that, we’re trying to figure out how we’re going to make it to Battle on Bago, since it starts on a Friday at the end of the month, a day Matt is required to be in the office until at least 4 or 5. We’re also puzzling out how to manage overnighting it on the lake, and hoping the ice is thick enough to drive on. There’s also the question of where on that huge lake we’ll fish, but maybe his aunt and uncle can help us out, there.


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