Thursday was Matt’s birthday. I had been keeping my eye on these and hoping to catch them on sale for Christmas, but no such luck.

You can still find wooden snowshoes, it turns out.

You can still find wooden snowshoes, it turns out.

No dice on the sales, so I finally sucked it up. Thursday morning, I called the Beaver Dam Fleet Farm (the closest one to Madison) to make sure they had some in stock. Fleet Farm carries both this style (“Huron”), as well as the “Bearpaw” style. But this pair was the last pair they had in stock at that location. I drove to Beaver Dam in a snowstorm to get them. Score!

I took them by his office this morning. He promptly strapped them on, and snowshoed around the parking lot of his office building, drawing a few stares (we heard the Navy recruiters in the neighboring office laughing through the wall). Most traditional wooden snow shoes you see anymore hang on the wall as rustic decorations. And most snowshoeing done these days involves aluminum snowshoes. I think these are beautiful, and can definitely see why they would be hung on the wall. They’re lighter than the aluminum, but bigger. Watching Matt maneuver his rather small office before going outside was pretty funny.

In addition to the footgear, Fleet Farm was also selling tickets to the biggest ice fishing tournament in the state- Battle on ‘Bago.



They raffle off a pretty amazing array of prizes (not that I’ve deluded myself into thinking I’ll win either the raffle or anything to do with fish). I figured two fish tickets was a good start, considering we rarely catch more than that, ever. This thing attracts literally thousands of participants, and all the proceed go to programs that introduce kids to fishing and the outdoors ($493,000 raised since ’07). All in all, a good cause.


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