Wild Food: Bear Chili & Everybody Loves Leftovers

After all my bitching moaning just a week or so ago, the weather this week finally turned seasonably cold. We’ve had a windchill warning since Tuesday, when the high for the day was still below zero. 

Starting the vehicles has been a hassle, and we have to be careful to keep an eye on the dogs when we let them out. However, I’ve gotten a ton of cleaning and repair projects done around the house, and I’ve cooked dinner every night, which doesn’t always happen.

Tuesday, I made bear chili. I made so much bear chili, that I took a 9×12 cake pan of it to Matt’s office, still had enough left over to make a pan of chili-mac (which had its own leftovers), and I had two bowls of it for lunch, with probably another two bowls still in the pot. My big dutch oven was pretty much full. If we go ice fishing this weekend, I know what we’re eating.

I started dinner that day around noon. Wednesday, as I mentioned, I used it to make chili-mac. That’s exactly what it sounds like- mac and cheese with chili. I made a standard pot of the blue box kind because I’m lazy sometimes. But this would be a comfort food holy grail if I took the time to actually make baked mac from scratch. The first and last time I did that, I was also suffering from my first and so far only bout with the actual flu, as in influenza. It was also the first time (and last) that I ever passed out standing in front of the stove as the fever hit me. Not keen on a repeat, but maybe a pan of baked mac would not be amiss.

Once the blue box stuff was cooked and cheesed, I layered it in a pan lined with parchment paper, grated some sharp Cheddar onto it, spread some chili over that, and then more sharp Cheddar. I baked it in the oven until the cheese just began to brown. I forgot to take pictures of it, and the leftovers in the pan look pretty sad (but taste good!), so it will have to be imagination time for now. That was lunch and dinner on Thursday, as well.

With the deep cold this week, we’ve been hoping for some good ice formation in order to finally make it out fishing this coming Sunday. Our ice shack is going to smell like chili.


5 thoughts on “Wild Food: Bear Chili & Everybody Loves Leftovers

  1. “Chili-Roni” has been a favorite of mine since I was a kid. Nothing beats it. Comfort-friggin’-food extraordinaire! But with bear meat? Holy Toledo! By the way, the blue box is the best! It is my guilty pleasure with a glass of wine. Don’t judge.

    • I like the blue box kind, but am occasionally partial to Velveeta. Don’t know why, but I love it. I intend to try this one day when I also make the mac from scratch, though.

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