I mentioned I would have some more news after New Year’s. Well, this is that news.


We're not always in camo

We’re not always in camo

This happened way back on the 20th- just before Christmas. Matt insisted we wait with the online sharing until after the 1st so we could tell all our family and close friends in person. No date yet, but I’m pulling for Fall, when work slows down. I think we can spare a weekend from hunting for that.

We’ll be roasting a pig and probably some chickens. Matt wants to make mead, beer, and wine for it; but then he also wants there to be bicycle jousting at the reception. I told him we’ll provide some poles and a fishing dock for guests, depending on where it’s held.  I’ll probably also make a lot of the other food myself, borrowing catering stuff. Possibly from work. And it will be taking place at either a Dane County or Wisconsin State Park.


12 thoughts on “Banded

  1. Oh, MY GOODNESS! What great news! You’re going to have such fun planning. Deerslayer and I actually got married on opening day of deer season 30 years ago. I promised him that he never had to be at home on our anniversary.

    • I’ve had a couple people respond with “But then you have to do a thing that date EVERY YEAR FOREVER”. I was like “You realize it’s possible to just… move the gift giving/trip/celebration. By weeks or months if necessary.”

      I’m looking forward to planning because I love to plan stuff like this for my family and friends. I can throw a mean party. The part I’m not looking forward to is the probably having to explain every non-traditional aspect of it to everyone who asks. I’m practicing my “Well, good thing it’s my reception/wedding, then!” ahead of any and all questions.

    • Ha, as if my future inlaws weren’t laying it on thick enough! But like I tell them- nope. Like I told a friend of mine the other day: maybe I should take up some recklessly dangerous hobbies to deter the asking. “Oh, she shouldn’t have kids, what with all the free climbing and chainsaw juggling.”

    • I called it banded mostly because there is a company that makes mens’ bands that look like duck/goose bands! He wants either one of those, or one inlaid with wood and antler.

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