Wild Food: Halt’s Maultaschen.

Guten Tag! Ihr wisst vielleicht schon, daß ich zweisprachig bin. Ist logisch, wenn ich eine Praktikum in Deutschland machen werde, oder? Dieses Idee ist mir gestern während meinen Deutsch Unterricht angekommen. 

Ok. Enough funny business. I’m guessing few of you can read or speak German. Plus, I never did  quite catch on to noun and adjective declension (and I’ve been doing this for what, 10+ years?), and it would be deeply embarrassing to have a German come in here and correct me on it (I know one would if they stumbled across it).

Anyhow. I got this idea yesterday sitting in my second-to-last German class for the semester. We’re doing our Referate, or presentations, that are required by most UW foreign language classes. Basically, they want you producing a body of written work in your target language, and doing at least one, small public speaking type assignment, also in the target language.

So, it turned out a lot of the guys in my class are at least passably good cooks. Where were they in my first attempt at college? The one who gave me this idea had his foreign exchange study in a region of Germany called Swabia. His guest mother taught him how to make Maultaschen, the German riff on tortellini or pierogi, depending on who you ask. He demonstrated how to make them for the class. Maultaschen translates literally as “mouth pockets”. A Maul is really more the term you use either for an animal’s mouth, or disparagingly for a person’s maw (they share a root, those two words). Taschen is pockets, or really any sort of small bag or sack. The post title, Halt’s Maul, is how you tell someone to shut their gob in German.

Now, I’ve never been to Swabia. I was in the north near Hamburg when I was there last time. But these still sounded tasty, and I have ground venison I need to use up. So I found a recipe for the Taschen,  and a recipe for pasta, and got to work.

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If you start with a pound of venison like I did, you’ll need to double the pasta recipe to use it all up. Since I don’t have a pasta roller, I wasn’t going to go and make another batch of egg dough, so I’ll use the filling for stuffed mushrooms or meatballs or something else later. That said, a pasta roller would be extra helpful here- the egg dough is very tight, and rebounds a lot while you’re trying to roll it. I resorted to a blend of rolling pin and hand-stretching. Were I to make noodles again (and not just lumpy egg dumplings like gramma), I’d stick to long, round noodles and stretch them like soba. Otherwise, it was a good meal, put together with sauteed green beans. Guten Apetit!


4 thoughts on “Wild Food: Halt’s Maultaschen.

  1. Ich wünsche Ihnen das Beste auf Ihrem Abenteuer. Ich habe noch nie von Nordamerika gewesen. Genießen Sie. Das wird eine große Lektion, die ich Ihrem Leben sein. Viele Grüße von mir und dem Google Translator

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