Matt Goes Up North Solo

Matt’s brother got his weekends mixed up, and told us the wrong ones for his next trip up to the cabin. Originally, he told us the 11th and 12th, so I asked that weekend off, and volunteered myself to work all of this past weekend. Well, that wasn’t what he meant, so I had nine days of work in a row (5 more to go), including this past weekend, and Matt went up without me. However, given the intense stomach virus I was struck with Saturday night into Sunday, maybe it’s best I was somewhere with indoor plumbing.

He had some lackluster duck hunting, tried some grouse hunting, and checked all the trail cameras up there. There are way more deer showing up, but as with every year, this coincides with his grandfather putting out bait.

There was one other reason Matt had to go up north this weekend.

A cute, fuzzy reason that chews on things he isn't supposed to, and pees on the floor.

A cute, fuzzy reason that chews on things he isn’t supposed to, and pees on the floor.

Matt finally got his retriever puppy. I love puppies, but then again I’m also the one doing all the work home for most of the day. We have our work cut out for us house training him, and getting the basics instilled. Then it’s off to formal bird dog training. We also haven’t picked out a name yet.


6 thoughts on “Matt Goes Up North Solo

    • I was ambivalent about getting another dog. Our red pit mix is wonderful and I love him, but the dog we had for almost two years in between was an utter uncontrollable terror. I had to take him to the Humane Society to be rehomed. I obviously couldn’t give him the exercise he needed (Probably 3+ hours a day of intense exercise) to make him mellow out a bit and not chew on furniture and the drywall, or attack the red dog. That left a bad taste in my mouth, plus I’m intensely aware of the work it takes to bring up a puppy, and I’m the one doing the brunt of it, since Matt works as much as he does. On the heels of a bad stomach flu and my job being disorganized and shorthanded since mid-August, and a few short months before I’m off to another country for a while, I felt it could have been timed better. But, we were unlikely to get another pure bred retriever for the $400 or 500 Matt got this guy for. He’s cute, and he is picking up commands surprisingly quickly, so it could definitely be worse.

    • I’m guessing I lost about six pounds over the course of two days. But I still have about a month before I have to shimmy into any dresses- the USMC Ball isn’t until Nov 15th.

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