Milestone: Purchasing a Second Freezer

One good thing to come out of this past weekend was a new freezer. Sunday night, the weather began to turn as we struggled back to the boat landing. And it’s been raining since. Soaking rains Monday, more on Tuesday, and the last bits straggling away today. So no deer hunting like we hoped on Monday night- I was not about to sit in the pouring rain, no thank you. 

We decided to do some major cleaning and organizing instead. In wandering around Menards looking for shelving to organize the room where we keep our hunting gear, we saw an awesome deal on a freezer. With one bear in the freezer, waterfowl stacking up, and deer season in full swing, we’d been combing Craigslist looking for a used one close by enough to be worth the trip to pick up. Lately, they’ve all been around an hour away. But this 10 cubic foot beauty was on sale for just under $300, about half the normal price. I snapped it up.



The geese and ducks Matt got on Friday finally had somewhere to go. The beat up old back room where the big freezer is now used to house our little freezer (alongside the water softener, water main, and assorted odds and ends). Some cleaning of the room and re-arranging made space for it. The little freezer (now defrosted and cleaned out completely) resides in a large closet where Matt keeps his old deployment gear.

Little freezer.

Little freezer.

After being cleaned out, the little freezer is now about half full- there were still fillets of Asian carp in there that were now 3 years old. I even found some venison sticks an old roommate had stashed in there (when we still had roommates almost 4 years ago) that were 4+ years old.  I kept a lot of the small panfish we had in there, as well as the livers and hearts we held on to. Matt finished his trapper’s certification, and they’ll make fine trap bait. And now we hope to fill the space.


9 thoughts on “Milestone: Purchasing a Second Freezer

  1. Amber
    Great find. I love Craigslist too. A rule about freezers and fridges. In a fridge keep foods away from each other and not over stuffed. It allows cool air flow. In a freezer keep food wrapped well and packed tightly in the freezer. Also if you don’t have enough food to fill the freezer, fill water jugs and freeze them so there is no free area above the food. The freezer will then run more efficiently and run less saving power. I’m Sure this is correct. You might research it and if I’m incorrect, please let me know.
    Good hunting the rest of your seasons.

    • Matt keeps asking me when we’re going to replace the walk-in at work, and if he can have the old one. This might be one case where us kind of sucking at hunting works out- no walk-ins for the foreseeable future 🙂

  2. This is pretty much a mirror image of our experience. Lack of room, perusing the onlne classifieds sites for a second freezer. Other funny thing is the size of both of those freezers is about what ours are as well.

    • We were really hopeful for the freezer on the classifieds. We got our fridge there when the old one boit it a few years ago. Not worth it to drive an hour for a $100 freezer. Gas and time getting it would add up to buying the new pone on sale.

  3. Congrats on the new freezer. We now have three. Don’t laugh about the walk-in! Deerslayer and I dream of having a place with a designated room for processing game and a walk-in freezer. Deep sigh! … and a place for wine!

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