Bacon and Grease

I have yet to get Matt to sit in one place long enough to write up his story. I’ll put up his pictures tomorrow. Aside from one short jaunt over to hunt Sunday evening, I spent most of the weekend starting to process some of the bear.

I put together the cure for some bear bacon, and I started to render the fat.

In the brine

In the brine

Maple syrup, and Morton's home meat cure

Maple syrup, and Morton’s home meat cure


I got the recipe for the brine hereIt’s sitting in my fridge still, and will for a few more days. I’m flipping it twice a day so the cure goes through.


I didn’t get it all rendered- there’s still quite a bit to go. I’m letting it solidify in pans so I can cut it into cubes and be measured easier. I’m also waiting for there to be more space in the freezer so I can let it actually harden. There will be more than I can really use when I’m done rendering it. I haven’t decided what to do with all of it yet.


3 thoughts on “Bacon and Grease

  1. I have some experience from my youth helping my parents render pork fat to lard. Without a Crockpot, this links shows the same routine that Mom and Dad used.

    I sure would like to try some of your Bacon.

    Once again, i must say, I really enjoy your blog..

    • I was doing it in small batches in my enameled cast iron dutch oven. I’d have been doing larger batches, but my other dutch ovens were in use, making stock. To fit the bear meat in the freezer, I had to clear out the bits of bone and carcass I kept for stock making all year. I’ll probably be back at rendering tomorrow or Thursday.

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