Labor Day Weekend

Late Saturday evening, Matt and I drove up north to get to work on improving our duck hunting site, as well as hanging trail cams and various other odds and ends. We turned around and came back Sunday afternoon, hoping to hunt the opener Monday morning for early goose and teal, so we weren’t there long, and packed a lot of activity into a few hours.

We missed the hunt this morning, since we arrived late last night and still had to sort our decoys, etc. But Matt went out this evening on his own, and we plan to go tomorrow morning. I got some pictures of the action this weekend, as well as other random shots testing the (quite good) camera on my new phone. But uploading them seems to be a bit of a pain, so here’s what I got.


Wild rice in the creek.

Wild rice in the creek.


Wild rice in the boat

Wild rice in the boat

Autumn is coming.

Autumn is coming.


3 thoughts on “Labor Day Weekend

    • The Samsung S5, though it apparently is not as waterproof as the ads claim. I also got a shock and waterproof case for it. Love it so far. O was three years overdue for an upgrade.

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