Late Summer Trailcams

Tuesday morning, I put on my boots and went to fetch our trail cameras. We’re headed up north this weekend, like I mentioned, and we want to place them up there for a while to see what we can see (bear, deer, wolves, whatever). I struggled to find some of the cameras, and as a result, the dog and I showed up on them.

WGI_0019 WGI_0111

And as lackluster as the cameras were at Sunnyslope all summer. Well. The monster blisters on my heels are worth it.

There are 4 discernably different bucks. And check out the guy with the 5 point, almost straight up antlers. One of them appears to be a big 6 or 8, one’s a small six, and there’s the fork horn, which I think is the buck I missed last year. Two to three of these bucks, we’ve definitely never seen. They’ve probably moved in. That’s very good news, given all the does out there. It also means rattling might have a point this year. There’s also a small fawn in spots at the end of July (!). Must have been the product of a very late estrous.  Should be a more interesting hunting season.


2 thoughts on “Late Summer Trailcams

    • I like the WildGame ones we use, though other people I’ve talked to didn’t like them. The battery life on them is great, and the prices were eminently reasonable compared to, say, Cuddeback or Moultrie, at about $50 per camera at Dick’s.

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