Rubber Backing and Carpet Glue

We had a wedding to go to on Saturday, so we didn’t do a whole bunch besides more boatwork. Not that fishing would have been productive- it’s been hovering near 90F the last week or so, but with humidity well over 70%, you could swim about as easily as you could walk. However, I’m not complaining. I was desperately trying to remember this weather last winter, to give myself hope and a reason to keep going. At least my feet are warm and sweaty, and I can feel my extremities burning in the sun.

Anyhow. We sweated it out in the boat enclosure all weekend- a shed made out of tarp, in the sun, in hot, humid weather. But the interior of the boat is now carpeted. Carpet glue sucks.

20140824_180413 20140824_180427

We have the bases installed for two captain’s chairs. The benches we found in the boat turned out to be old school bus bench frames, and the legs were uneven. Plus, they were kind of big and really crowded the floor space. If it’s more than just us in the boat, we’ll bring coolers for guests to sit on. You can also see that the interior is all painted. We have to install the mini-toilet (sorry, head) and its tank, and the inside should be more or less done.

This weekend, Matt’s heading up north to put together a duck blind by the cabin, as well as rearrange the wild rice (hopefully harvesting some- I have plans for it). I’m hoping to be able to go with. It all depends on work. But. He’s going to get the engine on a small trailer and take it to his uncle’s shop. Then I imagine we’ll trailer the boat up there to install it, whenever we finally get a trailer.

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