Fox Lake In Summer

Sunday afternoon, we hooked up the boat, dumped our gear into the truck, and headed on over to Fox Lake to do some fishing.

Orange cataran was cooking along.

Orange catamaran was cooking along.

The yellow house that marks the spot

The yellow house that marks the spot

At least we weren't skunked.

At least we weren’t skunked.

I’ll cut to the chase- it sucked. Last time at Fox Lake we were under basically opposite conditions. It was windy this day as a front rolled in, making us drift even with both anchors down. We forgot that this lake seems to have an early bite. People leaving as we put in had fish, and last time we caught them around 3:30 or 4pm. On the way down, our front trolling motor just…fell off.  And by the end we were both pretty chilly- in August. Naturally, as I write this, it’s almost 90F. Some nibbles, and possibly some pike or walleyes that got off the hook, but only the one bluegill at about 8 inches. I’m guessing there will be a bit of a fishing lull until the water cools off prior to turn over.




3 thoughts on “Fox Lake In Summer

    • Our jon boat is made of wood (homemade by the guy we bought it from), and the front trolling motor was mounted to a board screwed in to the front of it. The screws just finally pulled loose after two years or wear and tear The cable went through the platform on the front of the boat, which kept it in place. It fell off as we came off an exit ramp, and while it’s got a bit of road rash, it still works.

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