We Had A Foam Party By Ourselves

Starting last week, we poured buoyancy foam under the deck of the ditch boat. We also learned a valuable lesson- mix it well. It expands by about 200% within 5 minutes of being combined, but only if it’s stirred very well before you pour it in. We took a two gallon kit to do one corner of the boat, and were disappointed. We then got a 4 gallon kit to do the entire rest of the probably 18 foot length of the deck, except for one small area near the front.  The force of the expanding and then hardening foam lifted the deck in a few places which then had to be screwed down. We also found cracks and leaks pretty easily, given the hot, catalyzed foam gushing out.

With the buoyancy foam in the floor, Matt can lay fiberglass over the plugs where we poured the foam in, and then lay carpet on the floor. Last weekend, we left the carburetor with his uncle the mechanic. Turns out it’s a Holly. We’ll be renting a small trailer to get the engine pressure tested at his recommendation. From there, Matt just wants to build on bins into the walls for storage, we need to get the toilet and tank back in, and the plate for the lower unit of the engine needs replaced. The list of things the boat needs is getting shorter and shorter.

What do you think?

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