Devil’s Lake Hike and Kayak.

Last Thursday, I had a day off on my hands. I hadn’t been fishing in a little while, so I got my kayak on top of the car with the aid of the two remaining foam blocks from the kit we purchased for the canoe last year and some pool noodles. I drove up to Devil’s Lake to do some hiking and then some fishing.

Normally, we hike up the cliff face, along the top of the cliff, and then down and back to the parking area along some old train tracks. This time, I wanted to hike the woodlands on the back side of the cliff. However, I got turned around and ended up on the “Upland Trail”, headed out on a long loop away from where my car and kayak were. Once I figured out how far away I was (a trail spur led to a cliff edge), I ended up doing a little bit of trail running back to the split where I took a wrong turn. All in all, I hiked about 6.5 miles, much of it uphill, and the one mile I ran to get back to the trail split. Then I got in my kayak and paddled around the lake. I saw plenty of bass in the gin clear water, but the only bite I had bit through my fishing line. Neither of my light poles has a leader on it, and I think it was probably a walleye or a pike. By the time I was ready to go home, my feet, legs, and shoulders were all pretty tired.


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