Checking In.

So, things have gotten a bit haywire around these parts. Work’s been really super busy for Matt, plus work got busy for me AND my summer intensive started on Tuesday. Each class session is about a week’s worth of material, meaning I have a week’s worth of homework/reading every night, 4 days per week for the next two weeks. Plus keeping the house livable, plus my job, plus attempting to remain fairly healthy. Obviously, my time is a bit crunched. But Political Thought in Gilded Age America is pretty damn fascinating.

However, there are some movings and shakings here, too. Monday was my birthday. To mark my inevitable march towards old age, Matt got me a sweet birthday present, which I have yet to use. Hopefully this weekend:


It took me a good three days to find a reasonably priced car carrier anywhere nearby, so I wasn’t able to take it out last weekend. Plus a few days of severe thunderstorms really put a damper on my desire to be in the middle of a large body of water.

Also, Matt got all the fiberglass patching done on the outside of the hull. It’s enough of a pain to ‘glass upside down with sticky, runny resin that all fiberglassing moving forward will be done on the interior. Then we’ll lay the floor supports and go from there. I plan to make a video compilation eventually of all the steps this Spring.




Mixing resin and hardener

Using acetone to strip oil and dirt from around the holes

Patching the one big crack that probably originally did this boat in.

Patching the one big crack that probably originally did this boat in.



In spite of being busy, I do still have my weekends, but since I’ll be writing several papers already, expect any posts to be pretty curt.


2 thoughts on “Checking In.

  1. Busy is good. Enjoy all that is yours including the new yak and the boat that someday Will be in the water. You do know that B O A T stands for Break out another thousand. LOL

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