Wild Food: Butterflied, Pan-fried Rainbow Trout

Saturday afternoon, we got in the truck to head west of town to pick up some of our trail cameras, and then hit Black earth Creek for a little fishing. There are some camera images to put up later, which is encouraging.


One trout on the day. I saw some swells, but otherwise had nothing to show for crawling through hackthorns, mud, and scrubby black willows. Matt’s little trout was 10.5″, an inch and a half over the limit. He came home with us.


I didn’t want to fillet the fish and waste all that meat, since it was feeding the both of us. So I consulted Mr Hank Shaw’s blog, and lo. There was a tutorial on deboning a fish.

Only slightly messier than neccessary.

Only slightly messier than neccessary.


So, with the fish mostly bone-free, I started in on dinner. It was a simple one- I made Mexican-style rice, sauteed some snow peas, and sliced up half an avocado. I seasoned the fish lightly with coriander, salt, and a touch of cumin, then pan-fried it, skin side down.


I kept the heat at medium-med-low, and about halfway through I covered the cast iron pan to finish cooking the top of the fish, since I wasn’t going to flip it. It came out moist and flaky. After getting the fish de-boned, the cooking process for it and the rest of the meal clocked in under 30 minutes. I split the fish lengthwise, and we each got half, along with a hearty helping of rice. We’re hoping to get out for trout a bit more often.


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