Wild Food Goes Greek: Feta and Mint Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

A few years ago, before I made the move to Madison, I went through a major DIY food phase. I lived by myself and hung out with my good friend The Chef quite a bit. Food blogs like TheKitchn  and SmittenKitchen, among others, played a big part in my foodie phase. I taught myself to make yeasted bread (stollen, challah, sandwich), to brown butter, to make jam and candies (blackberry jam, salted caramels, divinity), and a number of other foods (puff pastry (never again), cream soups, cheesecake, yogurt, wine). In fact I’m pretty certain this food phase is part of what convinced Matt to ask me to move up here.

My old efficiency kitchen

Anyhow, in the three years and some change since I moved to Madison, my cooking adventures have tapered off some. Work and school and things get in the way, and suddenly tackling a huge cooking project just to say I did it doesn’t sound like as much fun as it used to. I’d have to do dishes and wipe the counters and honestly probably mop. And don’t even get me started on getting rid of the products of such endeavors: we don’t need that many cakes/cookies/home made caramels/whatevers lying around. They don’t mesh well with strength training.

I do still cook (obviously), and I still read those blogs. So last week, when this recipe  showed up at Smitten Kitchen, I knew I had to try it with some ground venison. So I picked up mint and feta, and away I went. I followed the recipe exactly, except for the sub of ground venison for ground lamb.

This was excellent, and it made a ton of food. I have enough left over for lunch the next couple days, and it should reheat pretty well. It was a good, quick-together meal for a week night. The longest part was rolling out the balls themselves, all together it took about 45 minutes to prep, and I was moving slowly and disorganized. Opa!


3 thoughts on “Wild Food Goes Greek: Feta and Mint Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

  1. Gosh I hate to cook for the sale of cooking. I only cook when the spouse is gone and that consists of warming her delicious leftovers. Venison. Oh I miss it.

    Your style is always interesting and I actually thought of making a dish. But then I remembered we have a microwave.

    Best to you both

    • I enjoy cooking, but being solo on the clean up really mars the enjoyment I get from it. Also, the fact that I love to bake with fruit, and Matt won’t touch fruit, raw or cooked. Then everything goes bad & ends up in the trash. Wasteful and sad 😦

      • Matt needs to eat raw food. Avoided it for most of my 60 yrs and had precancerous tumors on 3 consecutive colonoscopy. BoltHouse green with fiber like benifiber has made the difference for me.

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