Fishing Opener

I finally got my fishing licenses today. The season opens tomorrow, and we hope to be out Sunday. Matt also got a bunch of new tackle. I’m ready to get out on the water.



5 thoughts on “Fishing Opener

  1. Our game fish season has begun for limited species and opens to bass in late June. We do have a bass catch n release preseason until late June. Enjoy, both of you, all season.

    • Our gamefish (pike, muskie, bass, trout, salmon) ends the first weekend in March. Mid-March there’s a catch-and-release for trout, and you can fish for catfish, rough fish, and panfish year round. But everything opens back up the first weekend in May. We’ll be after catfish this weekend, since our jonboat’s in rough shape right now. Otherwise it’d be pike and walleye.

    • It’s been chilly for sure. We’ll be having frost until mid-May. There’s gray ice on the lakes up north still- not entirely safe to walk on. Three weeks ago they still needed extensions on their ice augers. This past week was mid-40s and rainy, but it’s supposed to get nicer.

      I might get a spare turkey tag, depending on how work all pans out, and Matt still has his to use. Other hunters on public land messed up my two most likely hunts- pushed turkeys off across the road.

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