Deer and Turkey Expo

This past weekend was the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo. Since we went fairly early on Saturday, there was a line out the door and a huge crowd inside until about 2pm. I entered at least two gun raffles (which I haven’t won, if my lack of phone calls on the subject is any indication), and probably 3 hunting trip raffles (of which two are safaris). I have never won a thing in my life. But there were some cool booths and it was neat to get out and wander around and touch their stuff.

Beyond that, we got the floor of our garage scrubbed, which was very badly needed. Sometime this week I hope to pick up a floor squeegee to get it again. We have several incredibly warm days ahead of us, hovering around 60. There will be a flurry of activity that requires warm ground and weather to do- I have to till and enlarge my garden plot, get it fenced, get my beets, onions, and leeks in the ground, seed some trays with my non-hardy veggies, clean the yard back up, and Matt’s going to get back to work on the Ditch Boat. We need to locate marine-grade plywood, and pick up a bunch more resin to treat the interior wood structure. He also needs to touch up the last of the fiberglassing of the hull that was cut off by the cold last Fall. This all while my job is finally picking up again for the season, and while my turkey tags are about a week out.


2 thoughts on “Deer and Turkey Expo

    • We’ve been snow free now for a couple weeks, and today was 65F. It’s supposed to get cold again, but it definitely makes me want to not move any farther north.

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