Gobble Gobble, My Friends.


It’s almost that time again. I selected the first week of the Spring turkey hunt down in the zone around Madison, which extends from I39/90/94 all the way to the Mississippi. It’s about a month earlier than last year’s tags, and I’m hoping that the turkeys out at Sunny Slope won’t be as cautious as mid-May last year. I’m also hoping I’ll be mostly alone hunting out there. Matt’s are the week after mine, for the zone his hometown is in. He plans to hunt his grandpa’s farm where we saw that flock of jakes and toms last summer. He’ll probably do that the same weekend we start to prep our very first stab at food plots up there. Either way, there’s an extremely good chance one or both of us will be hunting in the snow: Madison’s supposed to get some snow this weekend, up north still has snow from winter lying around. About two feet, which we saw when we headed to Minnesota two weeks ago. I’ll almost certainly be using my heavy deer hunting insulated camo instead of the light cotton I was wearing last year.


3 thoughts on “Gobble Gobble, My Friends.

    • I hope to make it out at least 5 of the 7 days my tag is good for. Work isn’t really in full swing yet, so I’m hoping I can get out enough to see something.

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