Early Spring Turkey Scouting

Sunday afternoon we finally got out in the woods a bit. The weather warmed up significantly this weekend- near 60 on Sunday, with a high of 62 for Monday. It’ll drop back down the rest of the week, but we got out while we could and hung trail cams and did some light scouting ahead of turkey season.


2 thoughts on “Early Spring Turkey Scouting

    • To be honest, I’m not sure. I’m looking on the DNR’s website to see if they have any data, but the seasons start for adults on the 16th- that’s my week. Typically the DNR will release population data after the conclusion of whatever hunting season. The amount of sign we were seeing on this particular plot was roughly what we saw last Spring, though. I think the turkeys have been OK. It’s Wisconsin’s deer that are on a downward trend- too many tags issued, in my opinion. 3 per person, plus the option for a bonus buck w/ a doe killed in some zones.

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