A Whole Bunch of Gross.

I was really, really hesitant to tell this story. It’s gross, and weird, and generally disgusting. But, we aren’t doing anything else, really. So.

Here is a picture of my dogs running around on Lake Mendota on Saturday so I have something else to use as the featured image.

Here is a picture of my dogs running around on Lake Mendota on Saturday so I have something else to use as the featured image.


Back in early January, Matt was getting ready to head in to work one day, when he gets a call from his buddy Bill. As if it was a perfectly normal thing to say, Bill goes “Dude, I just saw a coyote on the side of the road. Looks pretty fresh. Want me to grab it for ya?” As if it was a perfectly normal response, Matt goes “Psh, yeah!”

That was in early January. Now, granted, it’s been a deeply, deeply cold winter in these parts. And really, that’s been our saving grace for once, because Matt only just got around to doing something about that coyote on Sunday night. Part of it was that once it got into the garage, it was frozen solid, and he couldn’t do much with it. But it’s been starting to warm up, and before things got much, much worse in there, he had to suck it up and work on it. That, and there were still deer bits all over the floor. Once we got done with the deer back in November, the temperatures really plummeted. The deer bits needed to get cleaned up, too.



So that’s what we did. I got the legs and skin parts bagged up. And Matt got to work on that very, very stiff coyote. Sweet mother, it was awful. Sub-freezing temperatures or not, that thing had been decomposing away for the last two months. Both frozen and smelly, we were working on it for two hours. I told him no more roadkill, and definitely no more letting them sit ever. So he has his coyote skin now. Urp.



14 thoughts on “A Whole Bunch of Gross.

  1. too funny… in my husbands youth him and his best friend tried to skin and clean and butcher a road killed doe… lets just say he dose not do road kill anymore… not unless we are dieing and that is the last food source left… you got guts for hanging in their! oooooo yucky

  2. Okay, I’m feeling your pain. Only this morning, I moaned and groaned about the snake skins in the fridge and freezer and the deer head in the bottom of the fridge! I’ve been after Deerslayer for several years to get me a coyote fur, though. I saw a denim jacket that was trimmed with coyote fur a while back and decided then that I must have one. You should have a collar and cuffs made for a blue jean jacket. I’d be jealous.

    • I saw a guy during sturgeon spearing wearing a coyote hat, such that the head/face and shoulders formed the part covering most of his head, and the tail and legs hung down his back, like a coyote fur mullet. Naturally, the dead coyote face was positioned over his forehead. Matt wants that. We’re just lucky the temps outdoors worked more or less like a deep freeze. This thing was nasty smelly.

  3. I had to break a relationship off in high school with a girl who was getting too serious. How did I know she was too in love? She stopped and brought me a road kill raccoon because she knew I was trapping and would like the fur.

    • +1 for effort on her part, I suppose. Maybe I need to talk to Matt about his and Bill’s relationship. At ten years and two deployments, they’re definitely in bromance territory…

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