Wild Food: Hank Shaw’s Venison Barbacoa

I finally got around to making this recipe back on Monday. I intended to post it on Tuesday morning, but with class, homework, and my dad visiting I didn’t get much of a chance until today.

I had made that chili that was inspired by the recipe, but Monday I finally remembered to set out a venison shoulder to thaw. I forgot to take pictures of my process, but it was the larger shoulder of the doe Matt shot. Judging by the 4 1/2 (!) hours it took to cook the shoulder to shreddable consistency, I would say that doe was probably 3 or 4. But the end result was every bit as good as promised- it tastes like Chipotle’s Barbacoa. I typically go for their Carnitas myself (I will never not love pork), but for at home? This was the stuff to make.



In other news that’s not enough to make it’s own post, Matt’s bear hunt is already set up. I went through 4 guide services that were already booked solid. Apparently, the notifications showed up on the DNR website about a week or two before the mail went out. Something to keep in mind when I get my tag.

We’re going with Oak Ridge Guides up in Weyerhaeuser in Rusk County. That guide has an all-inclusive camp- lodging in cabins, hunts over baits, and food through the entire stay. That particular area is kind of keyholed into zones A & D, which I think should give him a better chance of getting a bear. Sadly, I don’t think I will be able to make it up with him- their price for spectators is only an additional $250 which is pretty reasonable. His hunt runs Wednesday-Wednesday, September 10th-17th. Even if he’s only up there for 2 or 3 days, that’s the second week of the Fall semester, and it will be that part of the busy season at work where it’s still hot out & business is booming, but a ton of employees have left for college. That time last year we were horribly short staffed, and they were trying to keep us on a 30 hour a week cap. We can still let the guide service know if I change my mind in a week or two. After tonight at work, I’ll know whether or not there are any big events that weekend at work.


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