Wild Food: Italian Panfish Chowder.

Monday night I had some thawed panfish on my hands, and few ideas. I wanted chowder again but not cream based. I found this recipe and tweaked it a bit. Mostly, less fish and I used concentrated turkey stock I made a while back and added some clam juice.


Pile o' fish skins.

Pile o’ fish skins.


It came out spicier than I intended, mostly because I added way too much red pepper. However, a piece of bread or some avocado cooled it down pretty nicely. I would definitely love a chance to make this with some cod or halibut I caught myself. A girl can dream. Maybe I can catch a burbot (lawyer fish or eelpout) someday.


5 thoughts on “Wild Food: Italian Panfish Chowder.

  1. I hear ya on wishing for some cod to make it with. You’re really doing a great job of working with what you’ve got though! If you ever travel around Plymouth MA let me know and I’ll seriously get you some tautog to try.fooling with. It would be perfect in something like that.

    • I would take any kind of ocean fishing, honestly. We get a freshwater member of the cod family around these parts, the burbot. But I hear they’re hard to catch, so I may have to count on making it to the ocean.

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