The Strangest Thing I’ve Done (So far)

I’ve done some weird stuff in my short time here. Up and planning a summer term study abroad to Germany in two short months, for example (I was woefully underprepared). Internet dating, for another. Or how about pulling up stakes and moving to a new state, and in with someone I’d only been dating for three months.

But purchasing a tag to sit in a small, dark hut and stare into a big, square hole in the ice, hoping a living fossil would swim past so I could stab it with a trident? I think that takes the cake.

Courtesy of the worst winter since probably 1978, Winnebago had an official average of 30 inches of ice, with a reported max of 37. I was on my own with Matt’s aunt and uncle on Saturday. He came out with us on Sunday, before we had to head home. As of Saturday night, the lake had hit 44% of its quota. If it hits 99%, they call the season. People are figuring it won’t last till next weekend. The most sturgeon were registered on the southern end of the lake near Oshkosh. Naturally, we were toward the north near Neenah. For the day on Saturday, a few over 200 fish were registered. Sadly, I did not get to see one in person. Matt’s aunt texted me a picture of one they saw as they came off the ice today.


However, I did find this great video from last year that summed up the sturgeon fishing experience pretty well. Enjoy the mustaches, chainsaws, and genuine Wisconsin accents.


10 thoughts on “The Strangest Thing I’ve Done (So far)

    • There’s a hook and line season for them in September. People fish for both lake sturgeon and shovelnose, depending on the water you’re on. You can only spear fish for them on this lake, and then two or three others in the same chain.

    • Like many other Wisconsin activities, it turns into an excuse to drink excessively outdoors in large groups. It was a pretty good time, I just wish I’d gotten to see a sturgeon.

    • Where we were, most everyone was pretty spread out. I guess down by Oshkosh and Fond du Lac it’ll look like a shanty town on the ice, it’s so dense. But we still had a truck traffic jam a mile long to get off the ice Saturday.

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