Wild Food: Spicy Venison Chili.

Friday of last week rolled around, and I was finally making a trip to the grocery store. For the first time in probably 3-4 weeks. Needless to say we were out of a lot of really basic stuff. I shouldn’t procrastinate like that.

Anyhow. I wanted to make something on Friday to carry us through the weekend with leftovers. Hank Shaw’s Venison Barbacoa has been calling my name since he posted it. However, I wouldn’t be returning from the store until close to 3pm. I wouldn’t have time to both thaw and cook a shoulder roast, and be done at a normal dinner hour. I did, however, have some stew meat. Debating with a friend of mine who also happens to be a classically trained chef, I settled on Barbacoa-inspired chili.

That touch of barbacoa came mainly in the form of the seasonings I used- the same ones in similar amounts to Hank’s recipe there. I also used his idea of a lime, the juice of which I added right at the end of the cooking process. However, I love peppers. Love em. So, I added more of those to my chili. I ended up with jalapenos, serranos, and pasillas in addition to the chipotles in adobo.

I started this chili like you would a stew- dredging the meat in flour and browning it in oil, removing the meat and cooking the relevant veggies (onions in this case). Then I deglaced with some beef broth (next time I will use venison stock), and stirred the crusties off the bottom of the pan, and stirred in the rest of the ingredients. I added a can of tomato paste about halfway through.

It had plenty of good heat to it. I cool mine with avocado, since my lactose intolerance rules out the sour cream or cheese Matt prefers. That pot of chili lasted me until Monday- I had the last bowl of it for dinner. I used to make my chili in the slow cooker, but as I’ve mentioned, a snapping turtle killed mine. I have yet to replace it. This method produced a better chili, in my opinion. And it was red- my chili in the slow cooker would turn out a very dark brown. They’re both good, but I like browning it in the pot and simmering it. However, if I had to work all day or something, crock pot is the way to go.

I also made our meals for Saturday from it- I just spooned chili over a piece of cornbread on a piece of foil, wrapped it, and heated it up over the Mr. Heater. Nothing fancy, just shanty leftovers.


5 thoughts on “Wild Food: Spicy Venison Chili.

  1. Next deer you get boil some of the bones for an hour . Use little to no salt because it can make your stock too salty when you cook with it later. Strain the stock into bags and freeze them. It works with about any meat, Lamb is my favorite. So much better than that store bought beef base that is mostly salt and additives.

    • I’ve got the leg bones of both deer we got this year in vacuum bags in the freezer. I haven’t had a chance to make stock with them yet, sadly. Soon, though.

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