Dispatches from Matt’s Toybox: A Giant Gas-Powered Drill

I haven’t done one of these in forever, mostly because we haven’t picked up anything huge in a while. Well, yesterday we were looking for a power auger, since there’s over 15 inches of ice on the lakes we’ve been looking at. We had our eye on a certain Eskimo model that was on sale for well under $300. We looked and looked, and everywhere was out of stock. Once I got home, I called the Farm and Fleet down in Verona, about 20 minutes away. They had one in stock. I had them put it on hold, and picked it up today while Matt was at work.



As you can see, he’s pretty happy. Additionally, I spent the afternoon after getting the auger getting our food for tomorrow ready. It’s breakfast and lunch. Breakfast is maple pigs in a blanket, lunch is brats, Italian sausage, and burgers. I also mixed some peppermint-chocolate to add to coffee.



Other than that, We’ve got everything packed up, ready to take to the truck in the morning. We’re figuring on getting up and out the door by 5:30, in Westfield by 6:30. The Fisheree starts at 7. The forecast temp in about 5F for the morning. Here’s hoping for some big fish and some prizes 🙂


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