Ice Shanty Chef Trial Two: Tex Mex On Ice

This post is going up a day late due to some serious technical difficulties. The little netbook I write this blog from eventually had to be reset to its factory defaults. My tablet isn’t able to read the standard SD card my camera uses, only microSD. Anyway, the problem is solved, even if I am now minus a bunch of written work from my last class, as well we some pictures. Luckily, I backed up nearly everything on our Apple Airport router/backup harddrive.

Anyhow. We went ice fishing on Sunday. I’d been pulling for Devil’s Lake up in Baraboo, but Matt wanted to head back to Long Lake. Devil’s Lake has all the standard cool water fish, plus a population of brown trout. Since the tires on the Durango are questionable at best, and we’d want to drive onto Devil if we went, we opted for Long Lake.



I’ll cut right to the chase. We didn’t catch a damn fish. We drove on Long Lake, incidentally. There were a good 15 inches of ice, and we drove to a spot with tons of tire marks and foot prints. There were fresh ice holes all over. Granted, it was above freezing, so fresh could have been from 15 minutes prior, or 6 hours prior. We didn’t even set the shanty up. It was a warm (from our perspective), cloudy day. The only aquatic life we saw was a tiny crappie fry and 4 bullfrog tadpoles basking in the warmer water near the surface of the iceholes.

The one good thing was another chance to test my Mr Heater cookery. I changed my mind on the steak and eggs last minute, eggs sounded messy. So it was venison steak over Mexican-seasoned rice and black beans. Mine got avocado, Matt’s got queso.



Labelling is important.

Labelling is important.

Mine cooked

Mine cooked

Matt's cooked

Matt’s cooked

Nom nom nom.

Nom nom nom.

So, it was kind of a crummy day out. The food turned out alright, though I think the acidity from the tomatoes caused it to pick up a bit of a foil aftertaste. I’ll be making adjustments for two weeks from now, when I’m back to using the Mr. Heater.

This coming weekend is the Lawrence Lake Fisheree, and we’re bringing out a little grill and a bit of a better spread. So far, I’m planning on maybe breakfast links, possibly eggs or pancakes in the cast iron, brats and burgers, probably some baked beans, some peppermint schnapps hot cocoa or Bailey’s coffee, and then maybe some assorted snacks. I haven’t really sat down and hashed it out yet. We’ll be out for the whole deal, from 7am-2pm, so we’ll definitely need sustenance- right now the high is about 15F for the day. Our fishing buddy M has even mentioned his contribution being a bloody Mary bar. We should have some good food and drinks, all ’round.



One thought on “Ice Shanty Chef Trial Two: Tex Mex On Ice

  1. I love that last blue/snowy photo, I do love snow. I like the idea with the venison and am going to give that a go (but in the cooker).

    Good luck with the hunting.

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