Wild Food: Crappie Tacos

One of the best parts of catching crappie is the spelling of the name. After our catch on Saturday, I had a a couple crappie dishes to share with you (Crappie Miso soup, anyone?). These were dinner on Sunday night.

After filleting them, I spritzed them with some lime, dredged them in flour mixed with some cumin, paprika, and chili powder, and fried them in a hot cast iron pan. They were served with some salsa and fresh cilantro and scallions on warm tortillas. Pretty damn tasty, pretty damn fast.



6 thoughts on “Wild Food: Crappie Tacos

  1. Calico Bass must have done something to earn the name crappie…could it be a southern thing? How’d it become so universal I wonder. btw, those tacos look delicious

    • Y’know, I was reading about crappie the other day (love Wikipedia), and it comes from the French word “crapet” for any fish in the sunfish family. I’ve only heard them called crappie- calico bass is new to me. And they were really good tacos.

  2. Those look awesome!! Crappie and salmon are my favorite fish hands down. Currently, I have a freezer full of rainbow trout…. Now I’m thinking fish tacos with homemade green chile salsa!!! I wonder how that will work with the trout?

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