Oh Look, Another Weather Gripe.

It looks like we were pretty smart in curtailing our hunting season before the bitter end.



Saturday (tomorrow) wouldn’t be an awful day to hunt, honestly. But we’re going ice fishing. We aren’t sure which lake yet, but it will be my chance to test my first trial of ice shanty cookery. I’ll be prepping everything tonight. Sunday we hope to not leave the house. I work Monday, unfortunately, and will have to be outside enough to get in and out of buildings. It’s going to be cold everywhere, so I hope everyone stays warm and safe. I will keep wishing for an equatorial vacation until my feet remember what it’s like to be warm.


5 thoughts on “Oh Look, Another Weather Gripe.

    • A massive snow storm just passed south of us. At one point, it stretched from Toronto to Albuquerque. It missed us, and hasn’t snowed here in a week. We just have this awful Arctic cold. As I type, it’s -17F before the windchill outside. We have 20mph wind gusts. I hope everyone there stays safe.

  1. I can’t even imagine that kind of cold! We are in the record breaking teens here and freezing half to death! Lol Seriously though, I can’t remember it ever being below about 25 degrees here my entire life! Cody is out duck hunting and I told him he could have it. I’m staying home in my warm bed!

    • Yeah, yesterday was pretty nasty, and it was the worst of the cold. The frostbite advisory/windchill warning goes to noon today, though. Matt’s truck wouldn’t start this morning- the oil has probably gelled if not outright frozen. It’s making me miss the mid-twenties that are more normal for this time of year! I can hang out in that kind of weather. All the schools are out today, and yesterday.

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