You Had Me At Beer Batter.

Dinner last night was a pretty simple affair. I filleted the bluegill and perch from Sunday’s ice fishing adventure, and had a home fish fry.

Catch of the day

Catch of the day

A few stabbings occurred. None of them with my knife, but bluegill spines can easily get you even after they’re dead. The lone little perch you see up there was a fluke- she swallowed the hook on my tip up, so we kept her. She also turned out to be a very pregnant she. This is totally the wrong time of year for perch to have eggs- they spawn in Spring when the water warms back up.

Contemplating the world's smallest batch of tobiko.

Contemplating the world’s smallest batch of tobiko.

Anyhow, I  got the fish cleaned, then I mixed up some beer batter and heated the oil. While that heated, I sliced up some potatoes to make into home fries.



Then I did the thing. I dropped them into boiling oil. The fish fry at 375, the potatoes at whatever temperature is at the very top of my frying/candy thermometer. I whipped up a little tartar sauce, and dinner was served.

I battered the potatoes, too.

I battered the potatoes, too.


9 thoughts on “You Had Me At Beer Batter.

  1. amber, i want you to know that, on the whole, i’m not a big fan of fried fish. i don’t really make it at home. i don’t know why, maybe it is the taste i don’t much care for. maybe it is the mess hot oil makes. maybe it is the texture. not my thing.

    that being said, i love this post. you did it up right. you caught, gutted, cut, and fried your fish, then made your own sauce and fries. i can confidently say i respect anyone who makes fried fish like you. given the opportunity, i would definitely eat your fried fish, and probably enjoy it.

    • I was definitely regretting my choice in cooking method when it came time for clean up. But the golf course I work at (and their weekly Friday Fish) had me craving something battered and fried. But I can just as easily bake fish for those who dislike the oil and batter 😛

    • They’re not easy to fillet- these had some slime on them after freezing on the ice. Slippery, and their spines got me pretty good. And the fillets are small. I prefer them whole and baked with lemon myself, but the other person I cook for doesn’t like whole fish.

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