Matt’s 200 Yard Shot.

The video is cut and edited. Matt took a 185 yard shot on this deer on Thanksgiving evening. He successfully hit the big artery in the neck, dropping her immediately. We would see another 8 deer this evening. Some of them may have been bucks, but it was too dark to pick out any headgear. We ended up hunting over the gut pile the next day for coyote, but we didn’t see anything.


3 thoughts on “Matt’s 200 Yard Shot.

  1. thankful you all got a deer – meat for the freezer. Needless to say I’m envious of the cold and snow!! It’s cooled a bit here in N. Fl. but one pair of socks and light rubber boots are still all you need.

    • Yeah, I’m glad we got some, too. we were out but for a little bit of stew meat. The first one he got was a small yearling doe, but the second was a much, much bigger doe. And it was very cold- Thursday never left the teens, and Friday dawned in the single digits- hoary frost everywhere. We’re having a reprieve in the 30s and 40s now, but by Friday it’ll be back in the deep freeze. I should probably buy stock in Hot Hands and Toe Warmers. Or maybe keep my own sheep and learn to knit socks.

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