Turtle Shell and Hunt Camp.

First off, Matt finished and shellacked the turtle shell the other day. It looks nicer than it did when it was still on the turtle. I didn’t think it would come out so nice. It was muddy and dull when the turtle was still alive.



Second off, we are leaving Wednesday afternoon to go participate in a tradition that’s been a part of Matt’s life for about 18 years now- Thanksgiving hunt camp. I missed hunt camp last year- the job I had that led to me starting this blog hired me right before the holiday, and then required me to work the holiday weekend. That should have been my first sign to quit, but that’s another story. However, I did make it in the Fall of 2011, a couple months after moving up here.

The way it’ll probably go is we’ll drive up, stay the night, hunt on Thursday morning, grab Thanksgiving dinner with Matt’s grandparents, visit with his family, get to bed, and then hunt hard all freaking weekend. Last time, I didn’t have a hunting license yet. I didn’t shower for three days, and I watched my first deer get gutted. Matt shot a button buck, and that was also the first deer I butchered. When we got the deer home, Matt hung it from one of the trees in our front yard, cut off the lower legs with the chainsaw, and then skinned and quartered it (with the chainsaw again). Our neighbors down the block were standing in their front yards, hands over their mouths in horror. I’ve since convinced him to keep that to the garage.



I’m hoping to do some filming to see if we can’t get a few minutes of decent footage to put up. That may mean me and Matt hunting together, rather than splitting up, but we’ll see.


8 thoughts on “Turtle Shell and Hunt Camp.

    • Goodness, me too. We have his buddy’s spike from this past weekend hanging in our garage. I’d like to add at least two more, even if it’ll be a lot of work.

  1. Hanging out in the front yard. Love it. Shot a couple of bucks a few years back and I put them both on the front lawn while I unpacked. Neighbors had a fit. Oh well…..

    • Our immediate neighbors on either side were cool with it. The one pair is an old, retired man and his wife, who are both outdoors enthusiasts, and the other pair is an older woman and her brother, who are mostly just politely intrigued by everything we drag home. It was the person two or three houses down who stood in their yard, with their kids, in awestruck horror. The garage is heated, so we do it there now. Much less tacky.

  2. I wish I could have seen their faces, some people are happy to eat the meat without giving a thought to how it got on their plate. You have educated them 😀 heehee

    • We certainly did. We got back home last night, and had a newly-shot deer to register before leaving that hunting zone. We had two deer tied to a metal carrier in our truck’s hitch adapter, and there were legs jutting out in all directions, and it looked really silly. I got out to take a picture, and got quiet the nasty look from a woman and her son, and the mom went “Oh, it’s a woman” in the worst sneer I’ve heard in some time. Some people, I swear.

    • It’s funny. If they don’t like hunting, I have no idea what they’re doing in northern Wisconsin during gun season. Granted, it’s the Thanksgiving holiday, but hunting up there is just part of life- moreso than where we live, even. You just have to take it all together, hunting and family dinners.

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