Same Old, Same Old.

We had another relatively uneventful weekend in the woods. We’ve had to put waterfowl hunting on hiatus for the time being, as Matt’s gun is still on the fritz. There seems to be a spring gone awry in the trigger mechanism. We’ve tracked down a couple gunsmiths in the area. Additionally, a friend of his has mentioned lending Matt his gun, since said friend has a pregnant wife at home, and thus won’t be doing any duck hunting.

Matt seems to be zeroing in on the deer, which is good. Getting off the field edges and into the cover has been key. The hillside he hunts on is thick with brush and scrub under the oaks. Having a stand in there is essential, and I don’t have one yet. I’m relegated to the field edges still, I suppose. I did try with my ground blind in the brush, but I couldn’t see more than a couple yards. The tree stand I found is in the trees enough that it might help, but the wind was wrong both days this weekend.

The thick stuff

The thick stuff

Matt was out Friday night on his own while I was at work. He saw that 8 pointer again, without a good shot. He also saw a big 4 pointer, which could be the deer I shot at and missed back in September. Saturday and Sunday we both had other hunters walk past us. Saturday, someone inexplicably crawled up the wrong side of the hill, through the brush, with a climbing stand on his back, more or less ruining Matt’s hunt. I want to start looking for private land, but getting permission for deer is tough.

Far and away the most exciting thing to happen for me this weekend (if you don’t count the dog eating a bottle of Doe Estrous Pee, and personally, I’d just as soon forget that if the smell would only fade) was a great gear find. We were moseying around Farm and Fleet yesterday, after stopping at a home improvement store (we’re installing new floors in the house, fortunate, with that whole deer pee thing). They had a very thick, insulated, fleece pair of ScentBlocker pants. In women’s small. The only pair on a whole rack of men’s gear. The tag said $80. I’d looked at a thinner pair of UnderArmour pants with scent eliminating properties for $180 at Gander Mountain. I snatched them right up. Holy moly, are they warm. And they fit correctly. No hitching, hoisting, yanking, or picking requiring. It’s like wearing warm pajamas into the field.

I told Matt it's a good thing they were ScentLok. I was sweaty enough by the time I sat that there was plenty of scent to lock in.

I told Matt it’s a good thing they were ScentBlocker. I was sweaty enough by the time I sat that there was plenty of scent to lock in.

No word on how much they really block scent yet. Or their durability. But they’re warm and comfy, and really, that’s half the battle. Or it is when you spend a couple seasons wearing ill-fitting, cheap youth larges.

Anyhow, we’re hoping to make it out sometime during the week, since the place is a little less crowded then. I’m also hoping to head back home before November goes and gets all wall-to-wall busy, because it will. Hopefully I have better luck than last time, since the rut’s getting going.



3 thoughts on “Same Old, Same Old.

    • We’re due for a couple inches tomorrow, but so far, it’s all passed north of us. Maybe by mid-December, but I’m in no hurry. I’m the one that has to shovel the driveway 😛

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