Buffalo County Trip, In Matt’s Words

Last weekend, Matt took off for his annual, No-Girlz-Allowed Deer Camp with his old college buddies. One of them has hunting land up in the Buffalo/Pepin county area on the Mississippi, an area famed for big, numerous deer. He left Friday night while I was at work. He got back Sunday afternoon. His cell reception up there was bad, so except for a call Friday night when I got home (to tell me about his close brush with a bar fight- he was bummed out it didn’t happen), we didn’t talk too much all weekend.

He gave me the pictures and told me to write about it. I’m not sure what he expected, given that I wasn’t even there. So he wrote me a bullet-point list. This is said list, transcribed word for word.

My Deer Trip Bullet Points

  • 1st morning saw 5 deer 1 6-8 ptr, 1  4 ptr + 3 does. Could not get a shot at them 😦
  • 1st night 1 doe out of range
  • 2nd morning nothing, then sat in stand while buddy did drive, pushed out 15, all out of range
  • No kills got some good pics though. Maybe next time
  • Side note stick ladder and hang in tree stand useful, easy to put up get right to location that you want to be in. Highly recommend over climber or ladder stand. Esp stick ladder (ed- a new set of aluminum Leverage climbing sticks. $100, 8 lbs carry weight) light and easy to set up. Stand is uncomfortable to sit on, need to get a different one.
  • Lots of sign, deer never seem to take the same trails to get to where they go.


Nobody in the camp got any deer, according to Matt. He did get some good pictures, and he also may get a chance for the two of us to go up there before rifle season, however November is beginning to look pretty crowded. We’ll see. Here are his pictures


2 thoughts on “Buffalo County Trip, In Matt’s Words

  1. We used to hunt land across the levee on the Mississippi and it was impossible to figure out the deer patterns. You would see a buck out of range and never see him at that stand again but might see him a half mile away at another stand a few days later. They came from every direction imaginable. I guess the area is so fertile they have no need to stick to one trail or particular area. There’s food everywhere they turn. It was amazing how big the bucks were though! Cody has a 14 pt he killed there that is absolutely beautiful and I’m totally jealous of. Lol

    • That’s awesome. Matt says that this particular friend of his, every year all 4 hunters in his family will get deer during rifle season. And then whatever else they get during bow. But I would imagine in places with so much food, forage, and cover, the deer have so damn many options that they just don’t need to be strictly habitual- they have options.

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