I Shall Call it Franken Roast

Dinner Monday night was the last of the venison “football roasts” from last year’s deer. After that, besides a couple summer sausages and jerky, all I have is a quart bag with stew meat in it. That is, if nothing’s lurking at the bottom of the chest freezer.



I made this cut of meat a few times before, and I wrote about it here, and that should have a link to a recipe from The Deerslayer’s Wife. This recipe builds on that. Only, this time I made a few more cuts to the inside of the muscle, exposing a bit more surface area.



I then sliced up a large green onion, did a very rough chop of a handful of garlic cloves, drizzled the surface of the roast with olive oil, and packed the stuffing in. I also added a bay leaf, parmesan, and marjoram. And of course, salt and pepper.



Trouble was, I had managed to misplace my kitchen twine. Well, the roast still needed to be closed up, so while the oven preheated to the very high initial temp of 500F, I soaked some bamboo skewers in water, and then pinned the roast shut.



I didn’t season the outside of it. I put some olive oil in the bottom of my cast iron roaster to keep it from sticking, and put it in the oven. It sat at 500 for about 15 minutes before I dropped the temp. At the same time I dropped the temp, I opened up the oven, pulled the roast out, and put some butter pats on top of it. I wanted some browning and crisping, and this cut was very lean. It then roasted for another 20 or 30 minutes at 375. While it roasted, I put together the sides- roasted Parmesan garlic potatoes and sauteed oyster mushrooms. The potatoes finished baking while the roast rested.

Resting and carry-over cooking in the pan

Resting and carry-over cooking in the pan

First slice

First slice

It was a bit more done than I like, but it was still very moist and tender. Paired with some of that home wine of mine, it was an excellent dinner.


Maybe we’ll see some more deer once I finish cooking the ones from last year.


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