I Never Thought I’d Be Wishing for November

The rut can’t get here fast enough. Seriously. I haven’t seen any deer in a month. Yes, that’s my frustration talking. I was out both Saturday and Sunday evening this week. Saturday I was out on my own, and with only the Jetta and no deer cart, so perhaps it’s better that I didn’t shoot anything- I’d have had  to drag it to the car myself, and then jack knife that thing into the trunk. Most deer probably weigh pretty close to my own body weight.

Anyhow. We’re seeing sign, at least. Last weekend, we noticed drag marks and shed deer hair on the tractor access near the road- someone dragged one out. There’s still hoof prints all over the place. Yesterday, I got off work way, way earlier than I planned to, and thus was hoping to get out way early, and maybe catch some deer out in the afternoon- I think these deer keep weird schedules. I was assuming Matt would still be up in Buffalo county for the evening hunt. I was wrong- he was on his way home when I got off work at 10:30, and he wanted me to wait for him. He got home around 2, and then we were out. I posted up in my field, he went to his.

The clover in my field is all kinds of trampled, and some it it grazed down to stems. Something is going on up there, which gives me hope. With the wind out of the southwest yesterday, I had to find a different spot to sit- my usual spot is ideal for winds ranging anywhere out of the North. This is where the only bit of good to come out of this weekend occurs- I found a tree stand.

The view from the stand- it could use a clean up.

The view from the stand- it could use a clean up.

Old wine and beer bottles at the bottom of the ladder

Old wine and beer bottles at the bottom of the ladder

The tree beginning to grow around the chain.

The tree beginning to grow around the chain.

I don’t know how many times I’ve walked past it, not seeing it. But there it was, just around the field edge from where I usually sit, in the tree line a ways. It’s a built-on wooden platform one. It’s sturdy, and old enough that the red oak it’s in is growing around the chain holding it to the tree. If it’s from when this land was still privately owned, I would hazard to guess it was once actually on the field edge, but with only sporadic maintenance by the county, saplings have grown up, and now it’s 8-10 feet back from the field. As you can see above- it could definitely use a clean up.

So yeah- no deer last night for either me or Matt. I’ve pretty much got the entire week off until Friday, with the golf course winding down. I’m debating what I want to do- I want to make it back down home to hunt here in a week or two, but I had more things crop up this weekend, and probably can’t make it. I’m considering making it down during the week, but I have no idea how everyone’s schedule down there works with that. Otherwise, I want to go and have a long sit- make it out in the morning before light, and sit until about noon. I’m not seeing anything in the evening at all, so I think it would be pointless to sit all day long, but maybe the deer are coming out at weird times late in the morning or something. It’s worth a shot, considering I won’t be doing anything else, and that it’s not like what I’m currently doing is working.


3 thoughts on “I Never Thought I’d Be Wishing for November

  1. Keep working hard, the deer will show up!

    Deer season ends for me on the 31st. I’ve been super bummed all month because I missed a 220yd shot opening morning. Getting geared up for elk season this weekend, then 4 days for the late buck hunt in the middle of November.

    • Luckily, we’ve got a while. Bow season ends January 6th. Rifle/gun is at the end of November yet, and then there’s muzzleloader, and a couple doe hunts after that. Plus, waterfowl season until mid- December. I’d much rather be out and able to watch them at a distance than not see anything, though.

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