Daily Prompt: Golden Hour

6AM. I was up at 6 this morning. In fact, many week end mornings, I’m up at 5.  Unfortunately, I was not up early to hunt today. I had to be at work a little before 8, and we were wearing Halloween costumes in today, so I had to put on my makeup for that. Today was our last public golf scramble, and the course was full for the day with 150 people. I made 50+ bloody maries this morning. And I make a mean Bloody Mary.

First light.

First light.

But I like 0600. Granted, it’s far easier to go out and hunt in the evening. You’re already awake, you don’t have to leave a warm bed. It’s light out already. But when I do manage to drag my ass out from under the covers, stuff my feet into boots, and pull on my camouflage? I go out, I usually spend a couple hours chilly, and then I come back and have the rest of the day. There’s something about being able to get up, go hunt for 3 or 4 hours, and then come back before it’s even lunch time. Most early morning hunts, I even beat my caffeine headache home.

Probably taken around 6.

Probably taken around 6.


Salmon fishing Sunrise. In August, this was probably a bit closer to 5am.


If I’m up that early, we’re typically after some waterfowl. We’ll hunt deer that early if we’re already up north, and it’s rifle season. Then it’s a short jaunt to the stand, no big deal. But down in Madison, it’s a 30-35 minute ride to the public land we hunt. So a person would need to be up around 4AM to be dressed and out the door by 4:30, to make it over there a little after 5, so that you’re there an hour before dawn at this time of year. It’d be pointless to go to that trouble only to be late and scare out deer. Hence, the quick drive down to duck hunt. Most bird movement happens for us within 45 minutes of first light. Sometimes there’s a bump in activity around 9, but it’s hit or miss.

SAMSUNGSo, on a Saturday or Sunday morning, I’m usually already bundled up, sitting outside, gun (or bow) in hand by 6AM. Sometimes, early in the season, I’ve already taken a couple shots by then. I like 6AM. I like 6AM especially if I made it to bed around 9 the night before.



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