Back to the Flatlands for a Weekend.

I spent the past weekend down in my hometown. I ended up driving down on Saturday morning, since I got off so late. I had been pretty excited to hunt down there. It was worse when I saw all the heads on my mom’s friend’s wall-all off this land. It’s corn and bean, with a pasture, and it’s right on the river.

So, we went out Saturday afternoon. He put me in a west-ish facing stand, on the edge of a bean field, in a huge burr oak. I had a draw at my back- a trickle of a creek running down to the local river at the bottom of a cow pasture. He said he saw deer walk back there all the time, as well as through the field.

Bean field.

Bean field.

Barn across the road behind us.

Barn across the road behind us.

Game trail

Game trail

As the sun went down, it sucked.

As the sun went down, it sucked.

Sadly, we were both skunked. Not even any eyes reflecting at us at night when we left. My guess was that the bean field recently being cut, plus some people camping on a very small campground nearby pushed them out. It was also the youth gun hunt- I heard shotguns not too far off. However, my tag is good for the rest of the season. I hope to make it down again in a few weeks to try again.

As I was driving back early Sunday afternoon, the weather was bright and clear. I hoped to get some pictures of the plains I grew up on, after putting up photos of the thick forest Matt calls home. I personally find beauty in nearly every type of landscape, and was hoping to make this a short post of its own, but a malfunction with my camera means only the two panorama shots I was playing with came out, for whatever reason. So, no stills of wind turbines or silos or combines, sadly. Just skinny little bent-looking shots of the flatlands. On a clear day, you can see for miles. These were taken just to the north of my hometown, turning east-north-west


Disregard the car. I pulled off the highway to snap some pictures.


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