A little video, and good news.

Did I say this afternoon? I meant tomorrow. Definitely tomorrow. This is the video of grouse hunting, and I apologize in advance. We still haven’t got the new camera entirely figured out. It takes video in both 1080p and 720p HD. This was the first video, and I didn’t change the settings, so it was on 1080. It’s jumpy, to say the least. I was also really hoping it would capture the sound of the bird flushing out, but it didn’t. So sadface there. But it’s still a neat video.

In other exciting news, I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday. I’m driving down Friday night for a visit, which would be cool all on its own, but she told me we’d be getting some family photos done. And that if I picked up a non-resident tag (after living in Illinois for 23 years! sheesh), a friend of hers wanted to take me hunting on some land just north of town. I mean, I had that morose feeling that accompanies repeated failure and disappointment. But that perked me right up! Hunt in the area I grew up in, where my dad used to take me, once in a while, if I was very, very good, and promised to be very, very quiet to sit in a tree stand with him, and hope for deer? Yes. She told me where the land itself was, and it happens to be near 1. the local, big state park (Starved Rock, if you’re curious) 2. the conservation area maintained by the local sportsman’s club (Sandy Ford), and 3. Pretty close to where we were when my mom hit an approximately 200 pound 8 pointer with her truck. That was pretty scary to be a part of, but there’s big deer there.

Furthermore, Matt’s hoping to set himself up a hunt out west of Madison in Dodgeville while I’m gone. All in all, I’m pretty excited. I’m planning to bring a couple small gifts for my little nephew, and a (very, 6-month) belated birthday gift for my sister. And I’m buying him his first camo shirt just to mess with his mom. In addition to all my hunting camo, my bow, and a target. Mom has an old swing set in her (large) backyard, and I can shoot from the top of it for practice (which I sorely need).


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