Dispatches from Amber’s Toybox

Matt told me Wednesday he had gotten me a present. He wouldn’t tell me what it was. Thursday he told me he couldn’t help himself, and had to play with it a little bit. He’d been mentioning seeing some double-barrel shotguns lately, including a .410 that he thought I’d like. After the text Thursday afternoon, I assumed my present was a gun.  I got home Thursday night, and it was a different kind of point and shoot.



It takes beautiful pictures. Now I won’t have to futz with my camera phone (slow to load, grainy, no detail, no zoom). It takes panorama shots and video, and has incredible zoom. It also has a manual mode that I’ll be attempting to figure out so I can have some semblance of photography skill. I’ll be using it this weekend up north.


5 thoughts on “Dispatches from Amber’s Toybox

    • There should be some pretty awesome Fall foliage color up north. I’m planning on trying to capture more photos than I did two weeks ago, even if it’s rainy. Aside from deer and duck, we’ll try to make it out for grouse, and I can get some good ones walking the old logging trails.

  1. Oooh! Camera envy! Actually, my Deerslayer bought me an awesome camera last year for my birthday. I know how much you’re lovin’ it. The tripod, however, is just what I need for my wild game food pix.

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