Buying Land Is Looking Better and Better.

There isn’t very much to report from the weekend. Not from me, anyhow. I had to work both Saturday and Sunday morning, missing the duck opener for the southern zone of Wisconsin. Matt got out, though. He only ended up taking one other recruiter with him, so he didn’t even need to take the canoe out. At least it’s fixed for next weekend- we’re headed back north, and this time Matt doesn’t have shippers on Sunday, so we won’t have to cut out early and zoom back to town.

I believe this is a taunting duck.

I believe this is a taunting duck.

I digress, though. Matt got two birds on Saturday. He woke up at 3:00 in the morning to go do it- with how crowded the duck hunting spots here get, you have to get out early and stake out. Even on opening morning, when shooting time is 9 am. He said they had plenty of time, and ended up napping a bit on the little island they were on. Apparently, there were ducks teasing them from 10 yards away all the way until shooting time. He told me there were also 9 or 10 boats that passed him, with 2-3 hunters each. That’s a lot of people. But, they had to bail earlier than planned- this spot also happens to be a bit of a party cove. The warm Fall has meant they’ve still been going out on the weekends, in spite of the gunshots.

So, I came home on Saturday afternoon to Matt and his buddy sitting in the front yard, smoking some cigars someone had dropped off at the office and drinking Mickeys. We were all pretty low on sleep- when Matt had woken up, he’d left lights on that woke me up, and I didn’t really get back to sleep before about 5, when I had to be up for work anyhow. Plus, we’d never really caught up from last weekend, and hadn’t slept much during the week.

His buddy left, and Matt and I tried to nap around 4:30. We ended up sleeping for 14 hours. He missed Sunday morning’s duck hunt.  I went to work at 6:30, got home around two. We went to Gander to see if they had any of the nice neoprene/Thinsulate chest waders Matt had gotten himself in anything close to my size. One pair of women’s, in size 10. My shoe size is about 7. And then a plethora of large men’s sizes- 9-13s, when I wear about a 5 in men’s. We went home empty handed, and got ready for an evening deer hunt.

Even this hunt would prove to be uneventful, though. Around about 6 o’clock, we began hearing gunshots, behind Matt. A little while later, two guys with rifles walked into my field. I waved at them, but they didn’t see me until they were right on top of me. By then I was not impressed at all, but they just sort of stared at me until I said hi, and told them to get on their way. I don’t think they spoke much English. They moved off, but I could hear them shooting the rest of the evening. I was sitting much closer to where that buck came out of the trees, but I couldn’t watch the rest of the field from here. I didn’t see any deer.

I won’t be able to make it out any of the evenings this week, sadly. I really want to check out the part of the property that’s oak forest, to see if I could set up over some acorns. If I don’t get to it this week, I might get a chance next week.


6 thoughts on “Buying Land Is Looking Better and Better.

    • From what Matt told me, most of the other guys didn’t get on the water until closer to 6 or so. Southern Wisconsin actually will have a break in the duck season. Last year it was after it had been open two weeks, but this year, I believe it starts this Friday; but the folks with Ducks Unlimited and other hunting orgs actually push to have it closed for a week until the water and weather get colder and crummier in order to thin out the hunters- the casual guys only stick to it in warm weather, the grizzled, serious ones (and me and the bf) will go out in the rain and the cold for ducks. The northern zone is so thick with deer and bear hunters that it’s much less of a problem, they don’t have a break in the season, hence our trip back up north.

      One would think that with a bazillion lakes, the Wisconsin river, and the Mississippi, that it’d be less crowded.

    • Aw, thank you. It will- we had that odd heat wave at the end of Summer, and Fall is so warm thus far, that the birds don’t seem to be migrating yet. They’ll move with the first couple hard freezes overnight. Plus, the white tail haven’t even begun to rut yet. When they rut, they lose about 3/4 of their brains, and hunting becomes a lot easier.

  1. I can’t wait for the rut! I hope your deer season picks up some more. It sounds like your property is overrun by hunters. Buying land may be a good option, especially as much as you both hunt.

    Archery season starts tomorrow morning for me here in Indiana. I can’t wait!

    • It’s so hit or miss with this one land parcel. I’d hoped to get out over summer and scout or or two other places. We did scout one place back in late March for spring turkey, but there wasn’t much sign of anything out there other than people, and we hiked all over it. The one we do hunt is much, much worse during gun season. Unfortunately, due to money constraints and the nature of Matt’s job, buying land is not in the cards right now. Which sucks- I wouldn’t mind taking on the project of managing land to nurture some big deer.

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