Home made wine and duck decoys.

I have off Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Given how much I’ve been working this summer, I planned to get a ton of things done during this downtime. Duck season starts Saturday, and deer is ongoing. If I don’t do it now, it will never get done.

So. I spent my Wednesday chipping away at my (still growing) to-do list. I picked up around the back yard- dog poo, lawn furniture, sticks, dog toys, dying flowers, the works. I mowed, front and back. I treated the lawn for bugs and fleas, bathed the dogs, scrubbed the bath tub and bathroom. Plus, doing laundry, washing dishes, and making a short run to the grocery store. I have more to get done Thursday (organizing the hunting room, cleaning under the bed, going through my closet/dresser, running to Goodwill, cleaning Matt’s truck). By the time I was hungry, it was about 6pm. I was going to make myself a nice dinner, and enjoy a glass of wine.


Yeah, that’s my homebrew. It’s good. This particular bottle didn’t really carbonate. There’s the tiniest suggestion of fizz to it, which isn’t all that bad, really. It reminds me of a nice pinot noir. I’m no sommelier, though, to be going on about tannins and floral notes, though. So, I made a pretty tame dinner of acorn squash and chicken, and had a very healthily poured glass of wine.

Matt came home in the middle of it, and decided to start getting his decoys set up for the duck opener. So, my livingroom, my nice clean livingroom (albeit in need of a few passes of the vacuum), is populated with a flock of artificial waterfowl.


At least they’re all nicely rigged now, and won’t tangle horribly like last year. I have to work Saturday and Sunday morning, but Matt’s plan is to take a couple of the other recruiters with him, to get out in the field for a day, shooting. They do spend entirely too much time cooped up in the office.


5 thoughts on “Home made wine and duck decoys.

  1. One trick I learned for the decoys is to run each of the strings from the decoy (I used weedeater line) through a PVC pipe a couple inches shorter than the string. Then, when I’m lugging them through the marsh, the PVC pipe can be carried over my shoulder and the lines don’t get as tangled. I envy your fall and early hunting season. Yesterday it was 97 and felt like death.

    • Last year we would just huck em’ into the bottom of the boat, or into Matt’s C-Bags. This year, he’s rigged up one jerk rig, and then two others on these Rig ‘Em Right Gang Rig things I found at Gander. Those two things, plus dedicated decoy bags that snap shut & can be carried on his back (I’m too short, they drag on the ground), have helped tremendously. However, YMMV- Matt has lots of spare cash and loves to buy things.

      Also, just wait until, oh, November and December- hunting deer in the snow, or needing to break a skin of ice off the water before we wade in. Then we’ll be envious of you.

    • It’s pretty easy! I’d done a couple of kits, and a handful of figure-it-out–yourself brewing sessions before this. I picked the wild blackberries for it and did the whole nine yards. But if you’re interested in starting out with home brewing, you can get beginner’s kits for beer and wine from brewing stores (brick and mortar, or online) that have everything pre-measured for predictable results. They have extensive step-by-step instructions, too. Once you do a few of those, you get a feel for the process. It’s not unlike making bread from scratch.

  2. That so looks like my husband with decoys spread all over the living room! I think it’s universal man code to make as big of a mess as possible! 🙂

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