Good Thing Bow Season is 3 and a Half Months Long.

I went out by myself last night. I wasn’t really expecting too much, with how many people were out there over the weekend. Before I set up, I put up another trail camera on the game trail Matt hunted over the weekend. We’ll pick it up either at the end of this week or next week. There was one truck out there when I pulled up. I didn’t see any deer or turkey, but I did hear more rifle shots. One larger-caliber, and one smaller one like on Sunday. I even packed up with a bit of light left, and took a look into the two fields at the front of the property- nothing in them. I would guess that with all the foot traffic over the weekend, plus all the shooting, they’ve been pushed to the back of the property, or off it entirely.

This weekend, we’re heading up north for two days and a night. Matt’s hoping for turkey. That will have us at least giving the public land a break for a little bit. I’m hoping that once opening weekend is past, and the weather is cooling off a bit, we’ll see fewer people out there. Especially if we go to the back of the property. Nobody really likes hiking all the way up the hill. Matt pointed out that if we want to take any deer from that land this year, we need to do it before gun season with our bows, or on opening day of gun. They disappear pretty quickly after that.


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