Manic Weekends.

In this house, we tend to procrastinate. Now, we have perfectly good reasons for this. Namely, work. Summer is the time it’s easiest for us to get things done that require being outdoors, since there isn’t a ton of snow to move, or frostbite warnings, frozen precipitation, or anything like that. But it’s also a busy time for both of our jobs. I know for me, the litany of Things To Be Done is kind of like constant background noise that sort of picks up when I’m looking directly at any one project. But for Matt, as far as I can tell, it all comes painfully into focus when he’s about to become even busier than normal.

Last weekend, while I was spending all my time slinging drinks to peoples’ dads and grandpas, he cleaned and reorganized our two spare bedrooms and the garage. Now, one of the spare rooms held mostly his stuff- awards, paperwork and references for work, uniforms, etc. The other I had intended to get to when the season at work wound down, since it held all our hunting gear. The garage was a hopeless mess, but the man does good work. It’s now got a lot more usable space.

Where am I going with all of this? I’ll tell you. Yesterday was Wisconsin’s early goose opener. So, he’s been realizing over the last week or two that with him taking over the Madison station + hunting season (for everything), we aren’t going to get anything done, really. We have done so much this weekend in addition to goose hunting, and most of it for me involved squeezing whatever it was in before I had to be at work in the afternoon or evening.

Most of the work centered around the Ditch Boat. Matt had sanded things down slowly over summer, and it was ready to be patched. He agreed to take off a weekend to fully fiberglass the exterior during deer season, but it was good to get the interior side of the big holes done. There are still a couple soft spots to sand down and reinforce, as well as a handful of cracks to take care of so that the hull is whole before winter.

You can see we also put a shelter up over it. This is just in advance of nasty Fall and Winter weather. It will be here before we know it, and Matt plans to be able to do some work on it over winter, as well.  Mainly, he’ll cut the wooden parts of the floor and cure them in fiberglass resin to waterproof them. Then, come Spring, he hopes to install the floor. After that, we’ll work on getting the engine to run, and run new wiring.




2 thoughts on “Manic Weekends.

    • Oh, we get to feeling burnt out eventually. I know after hunting season last year, there were a couple weeks before there was ice out, and it felt so nice to not do anything. Until ice fishing got going, and then it felt awesome in March to not be freezing our buns off in a little tent on the ice. But Matt has to have projects. If he didn’t have them, I honestly don’t know what he would do. He gets too bored otherwise.

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