My Camping Unpackening.

I survived my thirty hour weekend. However, looking at my schedule for the next week, I saw I worked all 7 days, giving me essentially a 10 day week with no days off. Not too sure what I’ll be able to gin up for content, but I’ve got a few ideas clunking around upstairs.

Anyhow, I’m not too sure how the unpacking process goes in anyone else’s house, but in mine, it’s hectic. Even as a kid, returning from a camping trip meant an afternoon of hurried laundry washing, dish washing, and equipment unpacking, so it was done before we had to return to work or school or whatever. Things haven’t changed, really.

When we got back last Thursday afternoon, we started the process. The camper gets parked in the drive, and we begin to unload it. The first things to come out are usually the coolers, so they can drain. I brought in our dirty and wet clothes to begin washing them (though they still aren’t folded as of this writing- it’s my most hated chore). All the dirty camp dishes were brought in to soak. Since we fished so much this time, we had the added task of packaging up and freezing our catch. Since that needed to be done sooner rather than later, once the coolers were drained, I emptied them.

Drained of melted ice, set by the front door.

Drained of melted ice, set by the front door.

I have an order for this. It’s simple. The coolers, once drained, are set by the front door. I carry in everything that needs refrigeration, wipe it down, and put it away. Anything we aren’t keeping gets tossed straight into the big trash bin, or fed to the dogs. Additional water is dumped out, then the cooler gets carried to the back patio so it doesn’t track dirt through the house. It then gets hosed out, scrubbed down with bleach, and rinsed.

SAMSUNGOur backyard has no shade, so they get left here to dry out in the sun (nothing worse than opening a cooler that had soured water inside), and carried the short distance to the garage to be put away. This typically leaves my house looking pretty messy, though. The kitchen in particular.

You can see our reusable ice packs in the center of this photo. They also get soaked and sanitized before being chucked back in the deep freezer.

You can see our reusable ice packs in the center of this photo. They also get soaked and sanitized before being chucked back in the deep freezer.

After everything from the coolers is accounted for, we bring everything else back in and put it all away. Dry food, the guns and bows in this case, any clean clothes, camp cooking and eating utensils, the works. We do it all right when we get back, and I make sure to do it before I sit down or take a shower and the motivation deserts me. Once the camper is emptied, I get in there with a broom and the Shop Vac and get all the dirt off the floor and other surfaces, and it gets scrubbed down. Then Matt backs it up to the back fence where we keep it when not in use.

Since we got soaked to the skin on this last trip, and everything we were keeping outside the camper was soaked, too, we had the added task of drying everything out for a few days. This included our tackle box (a cloth one), all our camp chairs, and the trout fishing bag. I also soaked the minnow bucket with some bleach water and rinsed it well- some minnows died a hard death in there, and it was kind of stanky.

Once everything is put away or waiting to dry and be put away, I clean up me. And usually order in some dinner. This time it was pizza, because I had lactase pills on hand.

Is your camping unpacking process hectic, too? Or do you have it down to a streamlined art? Obviously, we’re still working on ours.




3 thoughts on “My Camping Unpackening.

  1. I don’t think there is an unhectic way of unpacking from a camping trip. I hate unpacking and cleaning up. We do as much as we can as soon as we get home before we lose motivation, too.

    • I despise unpacking from any kind of trip. Even weekend trips down to see my mom/sister/nephew. It’s the worst. I saw you guys got a camper yourselves recently! How is that going?

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